Thursday, September 25, 2014

Reading Made Accessible At Different Levels

Many of our elementary classes make use of a program which can be found at
Through Raz Kids, students can access readers at the level recommended by the teacher. 
Students can:
Listen to the story
Record themselves reading the story
Complete a comprehension quiz on their understanding of the book
Earn points for the activities which they do. 
The teacher can:
Set a band of appropriate books for access by individuals
Listen to student recordings
Send comments to students concerning their progress.

A teacher account must first be purchased before teachers can assign readers to her group.

In this Grade 1 class, when the Raz-Kidz app is used as a class activity, students are all engaged in reading appropriate text for their own levels and the adults in the classroom are available to work with individuals or in small groups.

And for those who choose.....the traditional method of reading is also always available.

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