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Monday, October 27, 2014

Differentiated Learning In Math

Ms Jennifer's class has been improving their math skills by logging into Front Row for one of their math lessons per week.  I was amazed to see the various levels at which students were learning and the support offered by the program if a student was stuck on a problem. As I moved around the classroom students were happy to explain their methodology, or ask me topic related questions. Here are some of the sample questions which I came across with different students. 

Students were working at their own levels on work which was aimed specifically at meeting their own needs. The program adapts the level of difficulty to ensure that learning takes places. 

Technology In Kindergarten

Have you ever wondered what Kindergarten students are learning and working with these days? I had a little look at what was available in the Kindergarten classrooms and found evidence that students do receive exposure to various technologies to assist their inquiry and learning. Here are just a few examples.

Augmented Reality - Innovative Ways Of Sharing Our Learning

Ms Heather's Grade 4 students have been working on creating Book Reviews in their Writer's Workshops - Book Buzz. They spent time preparing their written piece and conferencing with their peers and teachers on whether they were on track for success.
Their integrated technology task was to learn how to create an Aura by using the app Aurasma.

Grade 4 students are working on a clip which shows the progression of their task along with student samples of their work.  Watch this space!
Join our Aurasma channel by searching in the Aurasma app for AAMTAALEEM.