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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Working On Future Careers in Language Arts

Ms. Sandi and her Language Arts classes have been looking at interesting ways of getting people to read student writing. They explored the use of, a publishing tool with a modern edge.

They published Magazine articles buzzing with information as part of their 'Gatsby' study. 

This is the outline which she posted on Edmodo for her students to access:
Gossip Magazine Assignment (Grade 11)
After reading the article and using chapters 3 and 4 as your guide, create a one-page spread of a gossip magazine (perhaps The Great Gatsby's own "Town Tattler") that shares information and rumors about Gatsby (first and foremost) and any other characters from the novel thus far. Keep your information to chapters 1-4, please. This encourages close reading and doesn't give things away for others.

-the rumors of guests
-suspicious behavior witnessed by other characters (ie. Gatsby reaching out to the green light)
-words of characters that may be considered "suspicious" or leading
-the guest list of the party (this will require some online research and is mandatory for at least 3 guest from chapter 4)

You can have as many articles as you want on the page, and you can include quick sketches/images if you choose. Include the page numbers of any quotations or paraphrasing that you may use.

·         At least one well-developed article that explores the "world of Gatsby" (2)
·         Carefully edited for grammar, spelling (2)
·         Stories are directly connected to details from chapters 1-4--only (2)
·         Lay-out like a newspaper/magazine with headings, date, page title, etc (1)
·         At least 3 guests have been researched and their background briefly mentioned (and that this mention indicates something about Gatsby's parties) (3)

 You may use or Microsoft Office to create your page(s).

Students were able to share their work with others by emailing a link or by posting it on their Edmodo page.

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