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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Focus On Art

10 Tech Activities in the TRENDY Art Room
Learners have the opportunity to make use of their own devices in the art room. There are two class iPads which are used by students who do not have their own device during that lesson. Students reflect and share their work via Apple TV.
Here are some activities learners have been engaged in while using their devices in art:
1:  Searching images for ideas and inspiration – Safari; My 3-D Gallery
2: Researching specific artists or art related topics – Safari
3: Making use of drawing tutorials during a self-study unit
4: Accessing via QR Codes to create their online gallery and add their artist statements-
5: Creating “how to” videos – iMovie
6: Creating art for entertainment – “Puppet Pals” – Puppet Making unit
7: Picture manipulation apps – Percolator
8: Comic book creation with art images – Comic Touch
9: Drawing apps which allow voice recording for audio comments on their work – Draw & Tell
10:  Mind Mapping apps for reflections at end of units or discussing planning and resource lists –Popplet

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