Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Beginnings For Grade 3

Grade 3 students are allowed to bring in their own devices to use in class only when requested by the teacher to do so.  Next year 2014-15 we hope to include them in our full BYOD program.

This week I requested that they bring their iPads along to art so that I could introduce them to the joys of Showbie.

This is what we did so far.

We will continue to use Showbie in our Stitching class so that students can document their progress by photographing their work, receive feedback from the teacher, ask questions and access further resources for their course.

Learners can show their progress to their parents as their Showbie app is on their device and accessible at any time.

Learners photographed their work at the end of the first stitching lesson and uploaded it to Showbie. It was effortless for me to view their picture and give them suggestions and goals for the following lesson.  They are able to view tutorials which remind them of their task.

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